Essential Cane Flavored Sugars

Essential Cane Gourmet Sugar
Essential Cane has a flavor to complement every dish.

With our Naturally Flavored Sugar, we use organic, fair-trade certified pure cane evaporated sugar combined with all-natural flavors to create our Essential Cane flavored sugars. They are great for sprinkling, baking, hot and cold drinks, or anywhere else you need a touch of sweetness and flavor! To learn more check out our Sugar Guide and look through our Catalog (pdf download).

The sweet little story of sugar. Sugar too goes back thousands of years. Once a luxury product, available only to the wealthy, sugar became a widely consumed commodity in the 18th century as mass production techniques were developed and prices dropped substantially. Today a vast variety of sugar types are available in varying degrees of quality. However, at FlavorStorm, we use only the highest quality organic and fair trade certified sugars available.

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