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  • Essential Cane Habanero Sugar
  • Essential Cane Habanero Sugar
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Habanero Sugar

Sweet with a lot of heat! Use sparingly - our Habanero sugar delivers an exhilarating kick. If you like it "hot," you'll love this spicy Habanero sugar.

Sweet: Use just a tiny pinch of Habanero sugar on holiday fudge for a little added spice.

Fresh: Sprinkle a little bit of Habanero sugar on sliced apples or jicama.

Savory: Works nicely on seafood with a squeeze of lemon or lime and olive oil.

Liquid: If you're brave... use Habanero sugar in a Bloody Mary or spice up tomato juice.

Twist: Gives authentic Mexican mole an extra punch.

Net Wt: 5 oz.

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Product Description
Product Description
Born in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the Habanero pepper is commonly known as one of the hottest chili peppers available. A popular ingredient in a vast majority of Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking, this small pepper packs a huge punch. Essential Cane Habanero sugar, made with real Habanero peppers and responsibly harvested organic cane sugar, lives up to its namesake. A little of this sugar will add a lot of spice. Perfect for sprinkling over raspberry sorbet on a hot summer day for a refreshing kick, or sprinkled over the top of hot cocoa to warm up a cool evening.