A commitment to quality – and to our customers.

FlavorStorm is a company of food-lovers but perhaps more important, we are people who love the business of food – finding the best ingredients, preparing them just right, delivering them to our customers on time and on budget. Running our business as a modern, well-managed operation is what gives us the ability to pursue our passions. We hope that in every interaction with our company you are delighted by our commitment and pleasantly surprised by our enthusiasm for this business.

Our process

Our proprietary, award winning flavor enhancing technologies create the most cutting-edge, all-natural flavor combinations available today. Further, our ongoing research and development ensure that we are always pushing the envelope and keeping ahead of the flavor curve. Some of the processes we use in our flavor lab include:

  • High-tech smoking:

    We employ state-of-the-art smokers that give us the option of precise temperature controlled smoking with a variety of woods.
  • Flavor Fusing Coating Pans:

    We use the newest coating pan technology combined with variable flow, temperature controlled air to create our innovative flavor profiles.
  • Ingredient mixers:

    We do our blending in a climate controlled facility which provides a more harmonious mixing of natural sugars, peppers, spices and all natural flavors.
  • Sophisticated Packaging Lines:

    Our packaging lines have quality control points built in to ensure our flavored sugars, peppers and other spices are flavorful as the day they are made when used by our customers.

Our operations

We have been providing our products for the private label and ingredient industries for years and now have them available for retail! Whether you need one retail jar for personal use or a truckload for a large project, one of our team members will assist you through every step of the process. We operate within HACCP and GMP standards for our industry, ensuring quality throughout our product life cycle from receiving the raw ingredients in our climate controlled facility to a finished jar in the customer’s kitchen.

Our promise to you

We are constantly searching to find sources of the highest quality ingredients and new product ideas to make available to you. We will stay in touch with marketplace developments and do everything in our power to help you keep ahead of the flavor curve. We will subject every product we sell – no matter how large or small the order – to rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure that you receive the very best we have to offer.